AIRFRAME: Experimental, High Wing, 2 seat Cabin, The model is built by the German Aircraft Manufacture Bölkow. It’s the same as MFI-9 by Malmö Flygindustri in Sweden, to be a trainer for the Swedish Airforce. The aircraft is X-classed, in good condition and well maintained. Exterior 6/10 and Interior 6/10. Aircraft logbooks and technical documents complete and in good status. The aircraft is allowed to fly minor aerobatic maneuvres.

The aircraft on Swedish register since 1990-05-19 when rebuilt from 1987 as former PH-CEP from 1978-1987. Before was the aircraft registered as D-EABN as new 1969.

SERIAL NO: 700-628
YEAR MODELL: 1968 (rebuilt in Sweden 1990)
TOTAL TIME: 2 830 hrs
C of A: ARC valid until 2023-10-31

ENGINE: Rolls Royce 0-200A 100 hp. S/N 21R-262 E3IN
TTSO: 1 200 hrs, OH 1993-03-09, Lycon Engeneering
TBO: 1 800 hrs

PROPELLER: McCauley 1A100 MCM 6758 Klipp Tipp S/N F5082
TTSO:  1 350 hrs, OH 1990-06-05
TBO:  On Condition                             

Gyropanel with Digital Horizon
King KY97A Com
King KT 76 Transponder

Wheel Fairings, both on main and nose gear
2 Place Intercom
Electric Clock
ELT 3000 (battery u/s)
Fire Extinguisher
First Aid Kit

MTOW 630 kg
Empty Weight  411 kg
Useful Load  219 kg
Standard tanks with 100 litre