AIRFRAME: Low Wing, 2 + 1 Seat Cabin. Manufacturer year, 1974 (could be 1973). Experimental Renovation Project.

This Bulldog has been operated by the military services in UK. Includes body, wings, canaopy, tanks, engine, engine foundation, cowling, spinner, 2 propellers, 2 leather seats, red colour, etc.

There is a crack in the canaopy, glass need to be re-changed. The avionics is not complete.

The Aircraft i located in Sweden.

SERIAL NUMBER: 10-3089 (need to be confirmed)

ENGINE: Lycoming O-320 150 hp S/N TBA (4 slick magnetos, exhaust gas extinguisher etc)

PROPELLER: Hartzell Propeller 23 SN DN214 OH 2001-05-12

VFR Gyropanel, Engine instrument

Additional Equipment:
Lots of additional spare parts, 2 x wing (left and right, etc, etc.

The Scottish Aviation Bulldog is a single-engine two-seat trainer aircraft produced by the British manufacturer Scottish Aviation Limited, developed by Beagle Aircraft Limited as the B.125 Bulldog. The Bulldog is a development of the Beagle B.121 Pup. It was designated Bulldog T.1 by the Royal Air Force, SK 61 by the Swedish Air Force and FPL 61C by the Swedish Army.

Price: EURO 18 500 Private owned. No Swedish VAT to pay