AIRFRAME: Cessna well knowing model 206 with High-wing and fixed landing gear. In this case the airplane has STC for Sky Diving Configuration. The aircraft is on CAMO due to operate on Sky Diving with good technical status. Recent AD’s and SB’s complied in the latest 50/100/200 hrs inspection with new Bleed Valve during March 2024. The technical documentation is of a high standard which facilitates registration in another country.
Powered by a Rolls-Royce 250 turboshaft engine to offering better performance, safety and value. Everything what skydiving operators is looking for.
On the Swedish register with one owner since imported from USA 1990-09-05. Former registration is N5457X.
The rear seats and co-pilot seat is available together with the rear double clamshell door for access to the middle and back seats. If required it’s possible to install the original six-place configuration.

 SERIAL NO: U20605771
TOTAL TIME: 9 004 hrs
C of A: ARC valid until 2024-07-30

ENGINE: Rolls-Royce Allison RR250-C20S, 418 hp P/N 23008092 S/N: CAE-290036, TTSN: 7 625 hrs TSO: TBA, Turbin remains app. 250 hrs, Compressor remains app. 2 750 hrs, TBO: 3 500 hrs
Hartzell 3-Blade, Constant Speed, HC-C3YN-5A, S/N: GC65 OH: 2025-04-14, remaining approx. 2 350 hrs TBO: TBA

Gyro, Altimeter and Airspeed Indicator
COM Trig TY96
Transponder mod S Trig TT31
Heated Pitot Static System
Hand Held Microphone
Alternate Static Source
Control Wheel Push-To-Talk Switch Pilot

Acknowledge for 7 persons, 1 pilot and 6 sky-divers
Exterior; Steps at door and over Right Wheel, Outside Handels, Wind Deflector, Tundra Wheels.
Interior; Headliner, Barrier, Safety Belts, Floor, Curtain, Holding Rail below Curtain

Standby Alternator System
6 Place Intercom
Tow Bar

MTOW 1 635 kg
Empty Weight 884 kg
Useful Load 751 kg
Standard tanks with 329 litre (87 gallons)

Price: EURO 725 000 Exclusive VAT